CCU - UEA Committee Member Representatives

Each UniServ in UEA has member representatives who serve on various UEA Committees. Each committee is appointed to carry on activities or pursue purposes of a continuing nature. Committees are responsible for the duties set forth in the UEA Bylaws and for such other duties as the UEA Board of Directors may specify.

Your Color Country UEA Committee Member Representatives are:

  • Rules and Resolutions: Madelynn Hendrixson/WCEA member

  • Organizing and Membership Capacity Building (OMC): Karen Stallard/WCEA member; Alternate Megan Nelson/ICEA member

  • Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee (EMAC): Brittany Stull/ WCEA member; Alternate Anna Lewin/ICEA member

  • Bargaining, Professional Rights & Responsibilities (BPR&R): Amy Barton/WCEA member

  • UEA Political Action Committee (UEA-PAC): Jake Shewmake/WCEA member

  • Elections Committee: Robyn Brown/ICEA member; Alternate Annette Croucher/WCEA member